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How much does therapy cost?

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How much does therapy cost?

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Therapy costs start as low as $50 per session, and up to $300 or more. Looking at a therapist’s level of education, title and years of experience is a good starting point to set your expectations. 

Registered Psychotherapists/Counselling Therapists and Registered Social Workers tend to be more affordable, starting at about $50 per session. 

Psychologists have, at minimum, a master’s degree and often a PhD, so their costs can be expected to be more in the $200-$350 range. Psychologists often offer reduced cost counselling for as low as $175 per session.

While psychiatrists have the highest level of education—a medical degree—they will be covered by your provincial healthcare plan if you were referred to them by a doctor. You can access psychiatrists through a private practice, but they will not be covered by provincial insurance in that case.

First Session lists every therapist’s session costs so you can easily consider your budget before reaching out to a practitioner.

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