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Through video introductions and an easy-to-use platform, we help clients get to know you before they book their first session.
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Join Canada’s most client-friendly directory for mental health professionals

Grow your practice with confidence. Clients find the right fit faster, and you retain more clients after the initial session. It’s a win-win!

Professional videos

Let us highlight your personality through approachable, high-quality videos made by our in-house team of marketing professionals.

Your practice, your clients

Our focus is the initial connection. After the first session is booked, you own the relationship with your client.

Attract full-rate clients

Set your rate and bill your clients directly. We handle the marketing so you can focus on your next appointment.

Set your own schedule

We’ll sync your availability and schedule with our website so clients can quickly book an appointment. Never be double-booked again. 
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Our founder, Rob, interviewing a therapist for their First Session profile

How to get listed

Fill out the application form
Phone interview with our founder, Rob
Complete an in-depth 60-minute filmed interview
We edit the footage and build your profile (this takes about 3-4 weeks)
We post your profile on and connect you with high-quality clients

What practitioners are saying

First Session helped to build my practice as a new, emerging therapist downtown Toronto. Clients choosing to work with me bring a sense of familiarity to our very first time meeting, having seen my video on the platform. First Session is consistently growing and adapting to meet the many needs of Mental Health and Mental Illness.

Gabrielle Iwaskow
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

First Session accelerated the growth of my private practice. I was told it would take 2 years to build a practice to full time, but First Session helped me build it in 8 months. Clients coming through First Session are motivated for growth. Often it's like we start at session 3 during an initial meeting because they have already developed a bit more of a comfort level with me from my 3-minute video.

Shannon Freud
Registered Social Worker

First Session has proven to be an effective way to market my practice. Having a video introduction that captures my authenticity leads to attracting high-quality ideal clients who are a very strong fit, especially compared to other means of finding clients. First Session also helps promote my business through social media. Consequently, all this has led to a rapid and significant increase in revenue, success, and passion for my psychotherapy private practice.

Sumeet Saini
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Working with the First Session team gave me the support and confidence I needed to talk about the work I love doing, and connect with clients in a professional and meaningful way. First session has made a profound impact on my life, both personally and professionally.

Dale Bricker

First Session brings a fresh new approach to clients searching for therapy, and as a practitioner, it enhanced my ability to connect with my ideal client. I will admit, making a video was a little daunting, but the collaboration and support from First Sessions' team changed the landscape of my practice.

Fran McEvoy
Registered Psychotherapist

My experience with First Session has been incredible. When I started my practice I wasn't sure where to get referrals and First Session made this easy for me. My client's also found it eased their anxieties because they were able to look exactly what they wanted and they had a sense of who I was even prior to our initial consultation. My practice is also thriving and growing since I started 7 months ago and I wouldn't be where I am without First Session.

Nish Laszczuk
Registered Social Worker
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Application requirements

To participate in the First Session clinical network, practitioners are required to:
Be licensed or supervised in your province
Have professional malpractice liability insurance policy
Be willing to accept direct bookings
Have a strong focus on timely client communication
Reside in Canada
Note: First Session practitioners only work with clients in the province(s) where they are licensed and allowed to practice

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a video to be listed?

Yes. But don’t worry, we make the production process a breeze. Videos are why clients come to our site, and it’s the best way for them to get a feel for who you are, what your style is, and if you will be a good fit for them.

I’m camera shy. Can you explain the filming process?

Firstly, it’s completely normal to be nervous about being in front of the camera. We make the filming experience as pleasant as possible. We’ve completed over 100 interviews, and we have a proven process to highlight your strengths, while showing your authentic self. It also helps that we have great editors!

How does pricing work?

There is an initial fee to join the directory, and then we charge $75 (one time) for every new paying client you gain.

What is the time commitment of being a First Session practitioner?

Aside from the initial onboarding process, you set your own hours.

Do you work with group practices?

Yes, assuming clients can connect with associates directly (vs. centralized intake). We work with your individual practice and cater our model to fit you and your associates. 

I’m just starting out my practice. Is there any level of experience required?

No. Assuming you have the right credentials, being early on in your practice is an excellent time to partner with First Session.

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