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Has a story ever inspired you?

What if it’s YOUR story that could spark change in someone else’s life. When we struggle, it can feel like we’re alone. Knowing someone else shares a challenge we’re facing tells us we’re not alone, and that help, growth or transformation is possible.

We’ll share these across our channels throughout May in an effort to help others feel empowered to find the help they might need. You can share anonymously or add your name, it’s your choice. Real stories from real people, like you.

I wouldn't be where I am without doing the work in therapy
April 2022

I was first introduced to therapy back in 2014 after I was involved in a pretty traumatic car accident that made me fearful of stepping in a car again. I worked with a couple of different practitioners to get me back in the driver's seat, but then realized I had many other issues to work through.

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I resisted therapy at first for many months and sessions
Nicholas B.
April 2022

I started therapy as a graduate student when I faced severe general anxiety and life 'stuckness.' I resisted therapy for a long time for a number of reasons - pride, finances, stubbornness, as well as a general feeling that I ought to solve my issues on my own.

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Why am I not ever genuinely happy?
April 2022

Having been in therapy for several years as a young adult, I knew that returning in my late 20s would be a different experience. I wanted to dig deeper and work with a therapist to answer reoccurring questions in my life.

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I started therapy when I was 18 because I was suffering from really bad anxiety.
April 2022

I started therapy when I was 18 because I was suffering from really bad anxiety. I also just got out of a really unhealthy relationship that left me feeling insecure, unworthy, and unlovable. I was struggling with my mental health in a way that I felt I wasn't able to cope with anymore, and was hoping that therapy would be able to help me.

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Therapy is something that has been long overdue for me.
April 2022

Therapy is something that has been long overdue for me. I think a way I would self-cope with anything happening to me is try to listen and help others so it would temporarily distract myself from my own issues.

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My breakthrough moment in therapy was learning how common my condition was
April 2022

It seems so simple but my breakthrough moment in therapy was learning how common my condition was. There was something so comforting about knowing my therapist had helped so many other individuals with my exact experiences overcome their adversity.

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Loved the platform

Loved the platform and the video intros gave me a good sense of how the therapists communicate and a bit of an insight into their personalities. Much easier to make a decision when you have an audio/visual component rather than just reading a bio.

Verified User, August 2021
Videos are great

Great website. Videos are great to do a preliminary screen of therapists. Already recommended to others seeking therapy. Fast response time is terrific.

Verified User, November 2021
Removing roadblocks

This platform made it easy for me to see who I would connect with. The biggest roadblock to therapy is choosing the right person. First Session has enabled me to start something in 30 mins that has taken me 20 years to do on my own.

Verified User, February 2022
THANK YOU for creating this platform.

The videos were so helpful. I've always found it difficult to find a therapist - it seems like there aren't many psychologists that readily offer consults, and even then it's hard to get a sense of what they are like. I really liked that you could do more of a deep dive on each therapist watching further videos on various topics. That being said I am still going to try out the counsellor I spoke with because I find it impossible to find a psychologist that I really connect with. First Session is awesome! Thanks for creating something that is so helpful to so many people!

Verified User, December 2021
New age therapy

First Session was the first time I have seen something like this to find a therapist (new age therapy lol) it was honestly great. I would 10/10 recommend it. I love how you can see a description but also listen to them talk and see their body language. The video was my favorite part!
Keep it up!

Verified User, September 2021
New age therapy

Loved it! The videos are very helpful in finding a therapist with the right fit.

Verified User, January 2022
Easy to use

Overall the platform is easy to access and user friendly especially for someone who has never had a therapist before. Felt very open and not intimidating

Verified User, October 2021
Learned a lot

I learned everything I currently know from this website. I didn't know anything about this process before reading everything on here. It was extremely helpful and I wish this knowledge was more widely known.

Verified User, March 2022

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