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Frequently asked therapy questions

Do all therapists offer free consultations?

It is common for therapists in private practice to offer free consults with potential clients, though some therapists may not offer them when they aren’t accepting new clients or they might charge for the initial consultation. 

You can schedule a free consultation with nearly all of the therapists listed in our directory. It’s very helpful to be able to meet a potential therapist, learn about their values and approach, and to get a feel for overall compatibility.

What happens during a free consultation with a potential therapist?

A free consultation is similar to an introductory meeting, and is not a full therapy session. You’ll speak with the therapist about your mental health, what brings you to therapy, and they’ll share with you how they approach therapy, what to expect in full-length sessions, and more practical matters like scheduling, payment, and confidentiality. 

What should I be ready to share with the therapist during the consult?

Be prepared to briefly discuss what brings you to therapy and what you hope to achieve. Sharing any relevant personal history or current challenges can help the therapist understand your needs.

How will I know if I found the right therapist for me?

The biggest piece of advice: trust your instincts. Are you looking forward to the idea of speaking with them again? How do you feel when you think about opening up to them? Was there anything in particular they said during the consultation that stood out to you? 

What happens if I don’t want to continue seeing a therapist after the free consultation?

If you choose not to proceed, that's perfectly okay. Therapy is very personal, and finding the right fit is crucial. You're under no obligation to continue after a free consultation.

How do I start booking sessions after a free consultation?

The therapist will likely leave it up to you to book a full-length session after your consultation – it’s about you feeling ready to start, not about being sales-y or trying to convince you. 

What are the different types of therapists in Ontario?

In Ontario, there are four regulated types of therapists

  1. Psychiatrists are practicing doctors and are able to both diagnose mental illnesses and disorders and prescribe medication. 
  1. Psychologists in Ontario have earned a PhD in psychology (“psychology associates” will have a master’s degree). Psychologists can diagnose mental health conditions as well as offer psychotherapy.
  1. Psychotherapists in Ontario are regulated by provincial law. They can provide therapy and counselling services using a specialized approach or by combining different modalities. 
  1. Social workers in Ontario hold either a bachelor’s degree (RSW) or master’s degree (MSW), and many social workers offer counselling services through private practice. 
Is therapy covered by OHIP? Can I use my work health insurance?

There are a few scenarios where therapy is covered by provincial healthcare (OHIP), including:

  • a visit to a psychiatrist via a doctor’s referral
  • a family doctor who also provides psychotherapy services
  • a therapist working in a hospital or another public health setting. 

The Ontario government also has a resources page with affordable and accessible mental healthcare options.

Workplace insurance benefits can reduce or even fully cover out-of-pocket expenses to see a therapist in private practice. After paying for your session, you then submit your receipt as a claim to your insurance plan for reimbursement.

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