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I wouldn't be where I am without doing the work in therapy

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Tell us about your mental health journey

I was first introduced to therapy back in 2014 after I was involved in a pretty traumatic car accident that made me fearful of stepping in a car again. I worked with a couple of different practitioners to get me back in the driver's seat, but then realized I had many other issues to work through. Since that first visit, I've seen a variety of therapists to work through pretty severe anxiety & depression, an eating disorder, relationship issues, and above all, self-doubt and criticism.

What did you learn in therapy and how did it help you?

The relationship I've had with therapy has never been full of "aha" moments, but more so a realization of how far I've come while reflecting in daily life. I was one of the most anxious people you've ever met at the beginning of COVID, and just the other night, I was sitting in the sauna at a public pool surrounded by mask-less individuals, and realized "wow, I can't believe I'm here and not having a panic attack." It's been a similar journey with overcoming orthorexia as well, and just taking that moment when you're eating real sugar for the first time in years, and thinking to yourself "look at me, I'm proud of me." It's these moments when I look around and think to myself, "I wouldn't be where I am without doing the work in therapy."

What is one thing you wish more people knew about therapy?

I think the stigma has changed a lot since the pandemic, but I wish more people realized that therapy is just a conversation. It gives you the outlet to talk about the most personal things in your life with a judgment-free third party. It gives you the tools to approach situations with a clear mind, and move closer toward your goals, often a lot faster than you would have on your own.

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