The relationship with your therapist

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Looking for a therapist, and feeling overwhelmed? As you shop around for a mental health professional, make it a priority to find someone you connect with personally.

According to Registered Psychotherapist Juliann Rasanayagam, one of the best methods is to use your first session as a barometer.

“That first session should be a good gauge of how comfortable you are with your therapist,” she says. 

Rasanayagam adds that you’ll know it’s the right fit “... once you feel like, yes, my therapist is on my side, my therapist is there to support me, my therapist actually cares about me.”

She says, on the other hand, that “if you are uncomfortable with your therapist, you don't have to keep coming back. You don't have to spend the time or feel obligated to show up.”

Finding a therapist you’re comfortable is one of the most important steps to improving your mental wellbeing. 

“Once that's taken care of, “ says Rasanayagam, “then the amount of struggle to get into therapy just decreases.”

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