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At what stage did you decide to enter private practice, and why? 

I was about four years in, one year into the pandemic, and I realized I thought it was time to start providing services for individuals because I saw the great need for mental health services during the pandemic.

Why did you decide to work with the First Session team? 

Rob is amazing to work with. So is the entire team. But most importantly, let’s talk about the videos. I love this concept so much. Connection means everything when it comes to your therapist. I love this concept and would’ve not joined any other team.

Have you noticed a change in the performance of your private practice since partnering with First Session? Where was it before, and where is it now? 

100% increase. I did not have a private practice, and now I have a thriving one. I am thrilled.

What has your experience been like working with the First Session team so far? 

I like them so much I already mentioned it :) but they are a fantastic team, and I have only felt supported. 

How has your experience been working with the clients who are connecting with you via First Session? 

I am very grateful to have been able to work and continue to work with who I think are the most amazing clients on the planet. I am so thankful for them.

I think it is because of the videos they were able to get a good sense of me, which helped with the matching. As we all know, the therapeutic relationship is essential to this work, and I honestly think it is something I do not have to worry about in my practice very often.

My clients are always so thankful and always tell me at the first session how much they enjoyed the videos and how much it helped them.

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