About the author
Jacob Emanuel
Registered Psychotherapist
Thornhill, ON

Jacob Emanuel is a therapist you want to work with if you are ready to do the hard work.

Jacob (JJ) Emanuel is a Vancouver native, a committed husband, and a proud father of one special boy. Rooted in his Orthodox Jewish heritage, JJ brings a grounded and empathetic approach to his work as a Registered Psychotherapist specializing in Men's Mental Health.

With a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, JJ is well-equipped to guide individuals through their mental health journeys, utilizing evidence-based techniques tailored to their unique needs. His direct and honest communication style creates a safe space for transformative growth, making him a reliable source of support for those in need.

Outside of his practice, JJ is an avid sports fan and music enthusiast, interests that he also explores in his podcast “Unleash the Gentleman.” Through this platform, he extends his impact beyond the therapy room, offering advice and encouragement to a wider audience.Balancing professionalism with genuine care, JJ is dedicated to empowering men to thrive in all areas of their lives, proving that strength and vulnerability can indeed go hand in hand.

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